About Psychological Testing

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how severe someone’s alcohol addiction or drug abuse problem can be. You may know that they are struggling, but how dangerous is their addiction, really? With psychological testing, counselors have a better understanding of the patient’s addiction and can determine the right substance abuse treatment.

What is Psychological Testing?

When a patient suffers from drug abuse or an alcohol addiction, psychological testing is important to constructing a substance abuse treatment program which can be the most effective. Most often, psychological testing begins with the observation of the patient. Such an observation will take note of everything from the patient’s speech patterns to their mood, their appearance and so much more.

Most importantly, the patient’s condition considering how dangerous they are to themselves will be measured. This is a key component to the testing process, as counselors want to ensure the safety of the patient.After observation is complete, the counseling team can then begin to piece together a treatment program.

How Does It Influence Substance Abuse Treatment?

Because no two people are the exact same, no two people struggle with substance abuse similarly, nor do they recover in an identical fashion. With psychological testing, a treatment program can be formed to fit the situation and personality of the patient, so that their recovery process is efficient and effective. Substance abuse treatment can be a delicate process, but with psychological testing, the trial and error of such a process can be eliminated.

Also, by understanding the initial psychological state of the patient, the counseling team can see how the person grows and changes during their treatment. This growth can indicate the stability of the patient and the notion that they are no longer a danger to themselves or those around them. Once the patient has a firm hold on their sobriety, and the counseling team believes that they have seen the patient change for the better over a period of time, it is understood that the patient is well on their way to living a happier, longer and healthier life.

Who Needs This Form of Treatment?

Many believe that alcohol addiction or drug abuse is as simple as giving into these vices on a daily basis. However, substance abuse can be much more complicated as dependency is much more than partaking in these activities everyday. Those who turn to drugs or alcohol in order to cope with stress can be a harmful and dangerous habit.

If you or a loved one has an alcohol addiction or struggles with drug abuse, it might be that you could benefit from psychological testing. It would take all the guess work out of your treatment program so that you could focus on getting healthy again. Along with psychological testing, a modified substance abuse treatment that is specific to you and your addiction, you could be on the road to recovery that much sooner.

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