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California Addiction & Treatment

Content Overview: California, being one of the largest states in the country is no stranger to drug addiction.

Deciding to seek help with an addiction can be emotionally, mentally and physically overwhelming. However, that decision is already the most important part. It is more important — now than ever — to seek help. According to one of the newest reports put out by the Center for Disease Control, drug overdose deaths increased by 35 percent over the last two years in the United States.

Whether you already reside in the Golden State or are planning to travel for drug rehab, South Coast Counseling in California offers some of the widest varieties of treatment types available that are chosen specifically for your personal treatment plan.

Choosing treatment in California isn’t all-the-rage solely due to our beautiful climate. Being such a diverse state, we understand that there are different approaches to rehabilitation as opposed to forcing clients to recover using only traditional methods. Treatment options available at South Coast Counseling can be found here. Drug treatment is not a one-size-fits-all event, so it’s important to choose a treatment center that acknowledges your uniqueness as an individual.


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Alcohol Abuse in California

Alcoholism has been tearing families apart for as long as most people can remember. We all know have that family member who everyone knows drinks a bit too much, if you don’t, maybe you’re the family member.

California ranks around the middle of the list when it comes to alcoholism statistics that go state-by-state, meaning California, unfortunately, has more binge-drinkers and problem-drinkers than the average state in the US.

This could be due to a variety of reasons:

    • It is encouraged and glamorized by the entertainment industry.
    • Drinking alcohol in excess is considered to be socially acceptable in most circles.
    • Alcohol is being pushed in all types of places of business, such as nail salons, barber shops, and even pet groomers!
  • Alcohol is a staple at every event, whether it be a non-profit function, a fashion show, business events, etc, further normalizing every-day drinking.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction in California

Despite the fact that the majority of cocaine comes through the Southwestern border of the US, with about half coming in directly through San Diego, trends in California lately have indicated that cocaine abuse gets worse the farther north you travel.

According to recent reports and data collected from public treatment center records, cocaine was only listed as a drug abuser’s “drug of choice” in 4 percent of patients. If you drive up north a bit to Los Angeles, the number rises to around 7 percent. In Northern California, specifically around the Bay Area, the rate can be as high as 15 percent. Keep in mind that these numbers do not indicate whether the user was addicted to powder cocaine or crack cocaine.

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California Drug Addiction Facts & Statistics

0 million
Americans fit the criteria for drug addiction.
0 %
of Americans who need treatment for addiction receive it.
0 people
die every day from a drug overdose.

California Heroin Addiction Treatment & Detox Programs

California hasn’t completely steered clear of the opioid epidemic, although according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), California has hit a plateau. Overdose rates are neither rising or dropping. Despite having better numbers than most states in the country, this isn’t a win; not by a long shot.

Due to such new data, we don’t have many conclusive reports as to why the trends in California are different than in the rest of the free world. Some say it’s the legalization of marijuana, while others attribute the lack of a rise to increased access to Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT), which is a form of therapy that uses medication to help addicts overcome their illness.

Keep in mind: Heroin is essentially a street-version of the prescription painkillers that a doctor may prescribe, except you don’t know what is in it. Prescription painkiller and fentanyl-related deaths account for about half of all opioid overdose deaths.  

Find Recovery at South Coast Counseling in California

Most addicts and alcoholics seeking recovery from addiction find inpatient treatment to be the most beneficial. If your drug of choice or personal addiction isn’t listed above, we can still help you and treat you at the level of care that you require.

South Coast Counseling uses many different techniques, but there are some steps to help you prepare for the future, transition back into society and rebuild your life to live to the fullest. You will also be offered the opportunity to pick up new tools to take with you. These include learning healthy coping skills, realizing your triggers, how to prevent relapse, and an introduction into 12-step programs, other support groups, and aftercare options.

It is important to not jump back into old habits and situations right away, and California is a pretty lovely place to take some time to work on yourself. As the saying goes, “anything you put before your recovery, you will lose”. Be sure to take the time to put yourself first and learn how to live clean. You deserve to be free and happy.

Whether you’re seeking drug rehab or alcoholism treatment for yourself or a loved one, call us anytime of any day at 1-844-330-0096.

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