Can My Marriage Survive Addiction?

Being in love with an addict is draining on all levels. Not only do you have to watch your significant other suffer through addiction, but you are also a victim and take the brunt of the pain. Drugs and alcohol cause a person to do terrible things. Your spouse might lie, steal, cheat, act irrationally, get into legal trouble or display a number of unacceptable behaviors that are both embarrassing and downright heartbreaking.

There have probably been more than a few times that you have been at your breaking point and considered throwing in the towel. Divorce looks appealing when times are at their worst, but the reasons that you married your spouse and the person that they are when you take away the
addiction keeps you hanging on. You made it this far, but can your marriage survive addiction?

A Chaotic Life

You never know what might happen when you are married to an addict or alcoholic. If you are with a functioning addict, they might not have an issue with keeping a job or living from day to day, but that does not mean that you have it easy. I’ve heard of people who struggle with addiction who always want to get more are trying their hardest to function but it gets in the way of their work. If you are like most people who are married to an addict, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about your spouse getting into an accident or facing legal repercussions. You are also constantly following behind, ready to pick up the pieces each time the world begins to crumble.

If your spouse does not function well with their addiction your life can be nearly unbearable. The spouse of an addict is often the one who is bringing in the income, cleaning, completing all repairs, maintaining the relationship, caring for their spouse, raising the children—everything that was meant for two people to share within a marriage.

Should You Leave?

This is a question that you might ask yourself often. Of course, if there is any kind of abuse occurring within your home, you should seek help as soon as possible. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common happening in homes with addicts. Keep your safety, and that of any children you might have, a top priority.

No one enters a marriage knowing that they will seek a divorce later down the road, but there are times in which this is the best option. If there is no abuse, yet you have made an effort in counseling and your spouse has sought help through addiction therapy, divorce could be inevitable so that you are able to thrive. Divorce could also be the rock bottom point for your addict—at which point they might make a valiant effort to get sober.

Seek Addiction Therapy

Counseling and addiction therapy could be the help that your marriage needs to overcome the addiction that your spouse is facing. The professionals at South Coast Counseling are committed to helping families survive addiction—there is hope. If you would like more information, visit
our addiction treatment page or contact a representative with our center today.