Can You Really Be Addicted to Marijuana?

There is some debate across the nation that you can’t really be addicted to marijuana, but the truth is, you can be addicted to anything. While some states have legalized medicinal use of the drug, marijuana abuse still runs rampant throughout the country. If you don’t think that it is possible for you to have a marijuana addiction, here are some points about addiction and drug abuse which you should consider.

What It Means to Be “Addicted”

To be “addicted” to something means that you are either mentally or physically dependent on a substance or activity. Things like gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, and marijuana addiction all share similar traits because that person is hooked on a habit which they are unable to break. In order to defend their actions, this person will lash out in a number of ways even though these emotions are usually subconscious.

Lying, stealing, and violent emotions are all signs of addiction as the person in question will do anything in their power in order to continue on with their habits. If you have found that you lie about smoking marijuana, steal money to buy marijuana, or are defensive about your actions, then you could have an addiction. While marijuana doesn’t always spark physical addictive properties in every user, you can very much be mentally dependent on the substance and the effects it produces – this is still addiction.

How Marijuana Addiction Leads to Drug Abuse

Marijuana addiction is taken so seriously because it can often lead to drug abuse. You might have heard the term “gateway drug,” which refers to the concept that marijuana can be the habit-forming drug which leads you to use other addictive substances. Many scoff at this idea, but it is unfortunately true, especially for teenagers and young adults. Marijuana should be used by adults who are responsible and mature enough to handle the substance. There is nothing wrong with smoking from a pipe if it is used sensibly. There are loads of different types of pipes that people can get. You don’t have to get a simple one now as well. If you are into getting really cool art stuff then you might be interested in looking at the shop crystal at Art Glass Express. You don’t even need to smoke the marijuana, you can just have the pipe as an art piece in your house.

When marijuana just isn’t providing a high enough high, users will turn to more intense substances in order to achieve the euphoric feeling they are looking for. These substances often have highly addictive properties and can ruin lives. Oftentimes, users will use marijuana in conjunction with other drugs in order to balance out their emotions, which is a dangerous practice.

When to Receive Drug Abuse Treatment

If you feel like you have a marijuana addiction, it is never too early to seek guidance from a professional counselor. Most of the time, addiction is brought on to mask feelings of depression or to avoid complex personal situation. With the help of drug abuse treatment and speaking to a counselor, you will be able to discover the root cause of your addiction.

Treatment can also help you find ways to cope with addiction, so that you don’t relapse after rehab. After choosing to live a healthy, sober lifestyle, you will see that your relationships and professional life will improve. You can regain control of your life without having to rely on a substance to make you feel good about yourself.

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