Cinema Therapy and Substance Abuse Treatment

Cinema Therapy and Substance Abuse Treatment

The range and depth of emotional swings for a substance abuser are very high, and are often extremely difficult to deal with. At South Coast Counseling, we provide many ways of helping clients learn to understand these fluctuations in emotion. One such way is cinema therapy, a supplemental treatment that has proven successful in aiding clients work through a wide range of mental health and substance abuse problems.

Using Film to Confront Emotions

Using film, we are able to assist patients in coming to terms with their issues and confronting the emotions associated with those issues. It is our hope that cinema will help to ease clients into becoming honest with themselves – oftentimes movies can act as a conductor for such changes – in turn aiding in the rehabilitation process. Honesty is an important step in recovery, and the emotional resonance some films can have on clients interested in this treatment program is useful in providing clients with a sense of comfortability with themselves and their emotions.

Movie-Going as Therapy

Movie-going is also a hobby that can extend beyond the rehab center – if a client finds themselves emotionally invested and interested in film, it is more likely to be a useful tool in continuing the rehabilitation process outside of South Coast Counseling’s walls.  By learning to channel emotional responses and urges through watching film, clients will have a better grasp on how to control those emotions and urges after their stay at South Coast Counseling.

Due to its time investment, cinema therapy is an appropriate therapy for those suffering from substance abuse issues – film allows the mind to wander, allowing for clients to split their focus onto the film instead of solely on their addiction. The ability of movies to divert attention from addiction (while simultaneously providing an opportunity to grow emotionally through a consciously aware viewing of film) makes cinema therapy one of our most popular and successful therapy methods.

Finding Control Through Cinema Therapy

Essentially, movie therapy is about control. The more time clients spend watching and engaging with movies, the more control they have over their substance abuse issues and the emotions associated with said abuse. It allows for a thorough diagnosis of self through an entertaining and rewarding medium.

Using films as a catalyst, South Coast Counseling uses film as an inspiration to winning the fight against substance abuse and other mental health issues. As a supplemental treatment, cinema therapy will never be the main form of therapy used in aiding clients in their struggle with substance abuse and mental health problems, but it will be an integral part of the healing process for those who choose to undergo the treatment.

Contact South Coast Counseling today to consult with one of our professional, knowledgeable staff to find out if our cinema therapy treatment is the right supplemental treatment for you. We look forward to hearing from you today so that we can help you start your journey to making a happier life for yourself tomorrow.