COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Prevention and Treatment Plan

Our hearts go out to the many people and businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. As you have trusted us to take care of your loved ones, we want you to rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of all of our clients and staff. Below we are overviewing the safety steps and prevention steps that we are taking as well as our specific policies in case of a symptomatic client or staff member. You can contact us 24/7 with any questions or concerns you have. We are here to help you and your loved ones recover and we are dedicated to making this happen in the safest way possible for everyone.

COVID-19 Updates March 25, 2020:

  • Clients are attending virtual AA and NA meetings
  • We remain open and accepting new clients as we are considered essential business.
  • We are exploring teletherapy options or new patients

COVID-19 Updates as of March 20, 2020:

  • As a safety measure, visitation is now temporarily prohibited and all offsite passes are being prohibited outside of medical and legal emergencies.
  • We remain open and accepting new clients as we are considered essential business.

Our entire staff has completed thorough mandatory training of Covid-19 that includes:

  1. How to properly identify COVID-19 symptoms and act upon our policies immediately
  2. Modes of transmission of COVID-19 and source control procedures
  3. Tasks and activities that may expose clients and employees
  4. Use and limitations of methods to prevent and reduce exposure
  5. Exact procedure to take if an exposure incident occurs
  6. Immediate steps and procedures to take if a staff member is experiencing symptoms

We have taken the following measures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. All staff and clients have undergone verbal screening and if further screening is necessary they will be referred to appropriate medical professionals
  2. Prior to accepting any new client into our facility, we added specific questions to our screening process to detect clients at risk for COVID-19. All potential admits will be screened utilizing a department of public health screening form.
  3. We adopted sanitation of vehicles protocol (before and after each use) for all vehicles used to transport clients to and from airports and any other site. 
  4. We adopted a disinfection protocol of all intake rooms before and after each new admission
  5. We adopted a disinfection protocol of all counseling rooms before and after each new session. 
  6. Daily review of hygiene protocols with all staff and clients
  7. Appropriate supplies such as n95 respirator face masks, gloves, and necessary disinfectant supplies are on sight and available.

In the event of a symptomatic client:

Client will be identified by a fever equal to or greater than 100 F, a cough, or shortness of breath

2) Clients will be brought to nursing personnel to be assessed and our medical director will be contacted. If the medical director cannot be reached, another licensed medical practitioner will be contacted by telephone.

If after assessment, the decision is made to quarantine, then we have the following protocol ready to be implemented:

  1. A dedicated house will be used as a quarantine site for the length of recommended quarantine (currently 14 days)
  2. Clients in that house will not have contact with other clients outside of the house during the time of quarantine.
  3. Staff will disinfect all public surfaces each shift or more if CDC guidelines suggest
  4. Staff will, each shift, monitor for progression of symptoms and maintain daily contact with medical providers to determine if higher level of medical care is needed. 
  5. Telemedicine options are available for remote therapy sessions

If you have any additional questions regarding the safety of clients or the steps we are taking please reach out at any time. We are committed to you.

Other Important Updates

  • Visitations will be limited to those who meet the screening criteria of the health department
  • For our inpatient clients, off-site passes will be limited to medical appointments only.
  •  Our leadership and medical team are continuously collaborating on additional preventative measures and best practices for ongoing assessment and care