Depression and Substance Abuse Treatment

Brief periods of sadness are a given – they come with the territory of being a person. If your periods of sadness are elongated or persistent, there may be a serious issue. Major depression is an incessant pang of sadness, apathy and tiredness – and one of the many mood disorders we at South Coast Counseling seek to help clients overcome.

Personalized Counseling for Each Client

We understand that there are many addictions that come hand in hand with major depression, such as an addiction to drugs or central nervous system depressants such as alcohol. That is why, at South Coast Counseling, we focus on giving personalized counseling – it is our belief that the only way to help a person is to treat them like a person; our veteran team of mental health professionals are adept at both capturing the human side of depression treatment and providing professional substance abuse counseling when the time calls for it. Tackling co-occurring disorders such as major depression and substance abuse can be a tricky task, but it is one we don’t shy away from.

As such, each treatment plan we provide for clients is specifically geared towards meeting the needs of each individual – we don’t preach by the book at South Coast Counseling, but instead offer services intended to speak to the needs of every unique person that walks through our doors. We understand that situations, issues, people, lives and backgrounds are different; therefore, we offer both outpatient addiction treatment and inpatient drug treatment, as well as a litany of other programs designed to provide aid to ailing clients. No matter how different your needs, we are here to help you in your rehabilitation process.

The Positive Push that Clients Need

Hundreds of clients have come through our door, and hundreds of successes have walked out. That’s because, while proud of the work we do, we are even more proud of the work our clients do. Battling depression and addiction can be – and is often – one of the most difficult battles one can face in life; one whose burden, while seemingly overbearing, can be overcome with the love and care of our support staff. We aren’t here to shift the burden for you, but we are here to give clients the positive push they need to lift the weight of depression and drug addiction off their hearts and minds.

Within each person is the power to actualize their dreams and potential. Each client that steps through our doors is one with a story to tell and future to realize – we want to be a part of that growth, but not the whole. That onus lies on the client. We are here to help you succeed. We are here to provide you with path to gaining control over your issues with depression and substance abuse. To put it simply, we are here for you – no matter what your needs are. Call South Coast Counseling today to schedule a consultation so that we can help you start your journey to making a happier life for yourself tomorrow.