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Anti-Social Personality Disorder & Addiction

Content Overview: Anti-social personality disorder is a mental illness commonly associated with substance abuse. Learn more about the signs of an anti-social personality, and how South Coast Counseling can help.

A chronic mental condition that impacts an individual’s way of situation perception, thinking and relationships with others, anti-social personality disorder can benefit greatly from therapy and other treatment options. Oftentimes, those who are diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder disregard the wishes, rights and feelings of others. They often have no regard for doing right instead of what is wrong.

At South Coast Counseling, we offer a variety of treatment options for those suffering from anti-social personality disorder and substance abuse. We also help clients who suffer from alcohol abusealong with anti-social personality disorder. Unfortunately, people with anti-social personality disorder often end up in trouble because they violate the law and show no remorse or guilt.

We have a number of experts who are trained in dealing with anti-social personality disorder. Those who are diagnosed with the disorder often manipulate or antagonize others without showing any remorse. Lying, violent behavior and drug and alcohol abuse frequently accompany anti-social personality disorder. We have experts who specialize in treating co-occurring disorders and helping people overcome the challenges they face.

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Working with you, and your family if you wish, we can create an effective treatment plan that reaps the desired results. We work to ensure you can build better relationships and take control of your situation so you can be a productive citizen. Call us today to discuss the treatment options. We have helped hundreds of people already. Now is the time to let us help you.

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