New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

Every year you hear the saying, “new year, new me” and you have probably said it yourself a few times with good intentions. This year is different though—this year you are in recovery and you are sober. You really are entering 2016 as a new person. You have already set a few goals for the upcoming months and years, but have you considered your resolutions for this New Year?

Be sure that you do not overwhelm yourself with accomplishments that you hope to make. Keep things simple and geared towards building your new life of sobriety. Your top priorities should remain keeping yourself healthy and in recovery. Here are a few New Year’s resolution ideas for recovering addicts.

1. Take Your Supporter Out to Dinner

There are probably plenty of people who suffered through your addiction and remained through your side through it all, but there are one or two in particular that hold a special place in your heart. This person could be your mother, father, spouse, child or a very close friend. Let them know how much you have appreciated their love and support by taking them out to dinner and buying them a meal.

2. Make a New Friend

You probably lost quite a few friends when you entered your addiction treatment. These might have been the people that you did drugs with or the ones who enabled your addiction. It is not a good idea to continue to hang around addicts while you are recovering, and it can set you up for relapse. It is time to make some new friends. Put yourself out there on social media and attend gatherings for local groups, teams or religious services. These are great places to find others who share like interests.

3. Give Back to Your Community

When you were an addict, you might have taken and taken from others until they barely had anything left. This is the year that you can finally give back. There is an abundance of groups that you can volunteer your time and services with to give back to your community. Contact local food banks or cleanup crews and ask how you can go to work to serve others. This is a great way to build your confidence and feel a sense of belonging in the place in which you live.

4. Get Addicted to a Hobby

Do you like playing a sport, making works of art, singing or building things? You should give into a new addiction—your hobby. These can be a positivity in your life to help you to relieve your stress and keep your mind off of the drugs and alcohol that once prevented you from enjoying the things that you love to do with your free time.

Get Counseling for Your Addiction

Staying in recovery is the key to conquering your addiction. Make the resolution that you will continue your treatment and stay in counseling at South Coast Counseling. For more information, check out our available types of therapy or contact a representative with our center today.