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Cocaine Addiction

Content Overview: Cocaine is one of the most powerful stimulant drugs that is typically associated with addiction. From the natural cocoa plant, cocaine provides users with energy and a euphoria that leads to abuse. South Coast Counseling offers the next evolution of treatment for cocaine abuse by combining traditional treatment therapies with modern methods in a truly individualized manner to ensure that you get the treatment that is going to work for your personal situation.

Cocaine has been a street drug that has resulted in addiction throughout the decades. At South Coast Counseling, we still treat cocaine addicts today. Sometimes the problem is a single source of substance abuse while at other times, it can be a two-edged sword that is causing major damage.

If you have someone you care about showing the signs and symptoms of cocaine use along with alcohol abuse, you need to seek help for them right away. Here at South Coast Counseling, we provide friendly, personalized treatment options. We offer a variety of therapy choices, sometimes a single therapy is needed while at other times you may need a combination of therapies in order to attain maximum results.


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Cocaine Addiction



talking consistently for periods of time.


also can display signs of paranoia.


thinning body, to the extreme.


also known as locking the jaw.

Facts About Cocaine Addiction

0 million
Americans reported using cocaine in the past year, according to a 2012 survey.
0 %
of abused-related emergency department visits involve Cocaine.
0 -25
year olds are more than twice as likely to abuse Cocaine.

When it comes to rehab, you cannot find a team more dedicated or caring than our staff at South Coast Counseling. We strive in helping you overcome the obstacles and live a productive life. With our help, you can reach your full potential. The early you seek help, the better the prognosis. If you want to regain control of your relationships, you need to seek help now.

We offer customized inpatient and outpatient services, so you can leave the urges for substances such as street drugs and alcohol in your past. Call us today for an evaluation of your situation and your treatment needs. Take the first step toward independence from drug abuse today. Let us set up a treatment plan so you can get your life back on track.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.

South Coast Counseling has over 50 years of experience treating those who suffer from drug addiction & mental illness. Don’t become another statistic, get help now.

115 Americans Die Everyday from Drug Addiction.
Don’t Be the Next. Request a Callback Now.

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