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Codeine Addiction

Content Overview: Codeine is an opioid that is commonly found in prescription cough syrups. As with any opioid, there is a high chance of abuse for this medication, which can lead to the use of other opioids like heroin and morphine. South Coast Counseling has been treating opioid abuse before the opioid epidemic took place. We understand that each person has unique needs when it comes to treatment, which is why we provide clients a truly individualized experience.

A moderately strong opiate drug, codeine is used to suppress coughs or provide pain relief. It has similar symptoms of use that are seen in other opiates and is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. As tolerance to the drug increases, the individual becomes more likely to become addicted. Because the drug provides the user with feelings of pleasure and overall sense of calm, it is highly addictive.

Codeine addiction is real, impacting thousands of lives every year, and is commonly among those prescribed medications that fall victim to prescription drug abuse.. Here at South Coast Counseling, we are experienced in all kinds of rehab services, so we can help you overcome your addiction. Overcoming an addiction can be a challenging and serious matter, and we have experienced staff that can help you overcome the dependency.

Because codeine is a less concentrated narcotic, those who develop an addiction to it may end up seeking out more powerful narcotics, such as OxyContin so they can experience even greater feelings. If they cannot access stronger prescription drugs, they may decide to try heroin, which is a morphine derivative and illegal narcotic. The goal is to achieve a high that is even more powerful.


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Codeine Addiction



also known as Meth Mouth.


anxiety and/or constant worry.


thinning body, to the extreme.


including to the point of causing sores.

Facts About Codeine Addiction

million people on average use codeine every single year.
0 million
Americans reported using painkillers like Codeine for non-medical use.
0 %
increase in emergency room visits involving painkillers from 20014 to 2008.

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