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Morphine Addiction

Content Overview: Morphine is a powerful narcotic opioid that is derived from the poppy plant, similar to heroin. Unlike lower strength painkillers, Morphine has the ability to become habit-forming after a few uses. Overcoming an addiction to morphine can be trying, but thankfully South Coast Counseling has you covered. Learn more about the signs of morphine addiction and how our treatment programs can help you find recovery today.

A pain-relieving medication that is most commonly administered in hospitals, morphine is making its way outside of hospitals where it is being abused. It can make you an addict in just a few weeks.Morphine addiction is a serious problem, impacting the individual’s ability to perform at their full potential physically and mentally. The addiction comes in to play because of the pleasant effects of the drug, in which the user has a sense of euphoria and there is an alleviation of feelings such as anxiety and fear.

How to Tell If Someone is Addicted to Morphine

One can quickly develop a tolerance to Morphine. That means the user will need higher doses of the drug to get the same feeling that was previously attained from a smaller dose. As the higher and higher doses are taken, the risk of an overdose increases significantly. More and more time is also spent trying to find the drug to continue the feelings provided by use. The result is often dangerous and even criminal behaviors.

Morphine addiction side effects are dangerous, as are the withdrawal symptoms. Morphine withdrawal can lead to a heart attack, stroke, chills, shaking, severe aches and pains or excessive sweating. Close monitoring of such a patient is required. Our morphine addiction treatment programs focus on the individual needs of the client.


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Morphine Addiction



accompanied by nausea & vomiting.


pupils, meaning small pupils in the eyes.


noticibile & typically to the point of scarring.


also known as severe drowsiness.

Facts About Morphine Addiction

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ranked cause of all emergency room visits.
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of the U.S. population has admitted to using morphine in their lifetime.
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of those admitted to emergency departments were there for opioid overdoses, like morphine.

It is imperative to seek help in such a condition as quickly as possible. We treat all kinds of substance abuse problems with morphine being on the list of commonly treated addictions. Call South Coast Counseling today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

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