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Spice Addiction

Content Overview: Spice, the common name for synthetic marijuana, is a dangerous legal drug that has been on the rise over the past ten years. Over 10,000 emergency department visits every year are attributed to spice-related incidents. South Coast Counseling has years of experience helping those addicted to substances like spice overcome addiction and find recovery. Learn more about how spice addiction can affect your life and how we can help.

Spice, a synthetic form of marijuana, is often used because it is viewed as being safe and legal. However, there is a widespread concern for spice addictiontoday. It is the second most commonly used drugs in high schools today; that make it a real concern and serious problem. It has more than 200 man-made chemicals in it. Because of the chemicals, medical professionals cannot thoroughly understand it.

Spice can cause life-altering damage, such as suicidal and homicidal tendencies, paranoia, psychotic episodes, violent behavior, hallucinations and more. Even if an individual has been using spice short-term, the k2 spice withdrawal symptoms can be devastating.

Don’t try to quit your addiction without professional help. It can be even more dangerous than the drug itself. South Coast Counseling has a team of professionals skilled in all aspects of substance abuse treatment. We can help you overcome the obstacles and regain control of your life, free from any addiction. We offer extensive drug abuse treatment solutions so we can help you or your loved one defeat their dependency.


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Spice Addiction



increased heart rate that can be visible.


accompanied by vomitting.


inability to see straight and/or clearly.


sometimes accompanied by panic attacks.

Facts About Spice Addiction in America

0 %
of high school seniors in 2011 reported using synthetic marijuana in the past year.
0 ,406
emergency department visits in 2010 were related to synthetic marijuana.
0 %
of those reported using spice were adolescents aged 12-29.

Spice Addiction Can Ruin Your Life. Let Us Help You Take Your Life Back.

Contact us today so we can help you get on the road to recovery. If you suspect your teen is using spice, consult with us right away. We can help your family come to terms with the dependency and regain control of your situation.

Caring professional help is just a phone call away. Take the first step in healing today and let professionals help you get rid of your addiction.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.

South Coast Counseling has over 50 years of experience treating those who suffer from drug addiction & mental illness. Don’t become another statistic, get help now.

115 Americans Die Everyday from Drug Addiction.

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