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Vicodin Addiction

Content Overview: Amphetamines, like Adderall and Dexedrine, as well as other illicit compounds, have become a major source of addiction for people around the country. From college students to stockbrokers to truck drivers, people from all walks of life have become trapped by the highly-addictive nature of amphetamines. Learn more about the signs of use, treatment options and how South Coast Counseling can help.

It does not take much time to develop a Vicodin addiction. One of the more common prescription painkillers, Vicodin is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. A potent narcotic, it can be habit-forming and thus, highly addictive. Even those who follow the prescriber’s orders can be at risk of becoming addicted to the drug. Because of its effectiveness as a pain reliever, those who suffer from chronic debilitating pain often tend to start using it habitually.

Clinically known as hydrocodone, Vicodin is an opiate that was created to relieve physical pain by altering the reactions of the brain and body to pain. Vicodin can potentially alter the neurotransmitters in the brain, so in order to avoid addiction, extreme caution must be used. Dependence on the drug is psychological and physical in nature.

Vicodin withdrawal symptoms may include night sweats, confusion, anger, nausea and hot or cold sweats. Often during Vicodin addiction treatment, patients are slowly weaned from the drug by reducing consumption amounts and closely monitoring them during the process.


Amphetamine Addiction



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Facts About Vicodin Addiction

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The intensity of the Vicodin rehab treatment program is dependent upon the individual and their addiction to the drug. Here at South Coast Counseling, we provide clients with the support they need to overcome their addictions and start living a drug-free, productive life.

If you have developed an addiction to Vicodin, seek help as quickly as possible. We will work to help you overcome the struggle as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide complete support every step of the way.

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115 Americans Die Everyday from Drug Addiction.

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