Take Your Life Back with Adlerian Therapy

Addicts often enter addiction therapy with a single goal in mind—sobriety. As great as it is to set your eyes on this monumental feat, having additional goals and stepping stones that you work towards while you are in recovery can be a positive influence that takes your mind off of your addiction and puts your focus on building a new life. This is known as Adlerian Therapy, and it is one of many services that is offered to clients at South Coast Counseling. This therapy is defined as, “working towards attaining goals while overcoming drug and alcohol abuse.” This psychoeducational approach to recovery is brief and completely focused around the growth of the individual in multiple areas.

Adlerian Therapy encourages growth in three major areas of the addict’s life: success, social connections and contributions. While it is important that the addict enters recovery, sobriety alone is useless without building a platform on which your new life will stand.


Drug and alcohol abuse can place major roadblocks in the path towards success. Many addicts tell of goals that they had prior to using, such as becoming a nurse or police officer. Instead, they find themselves working day by day to feed an addiction that has them trapped. There is one point that you must accept when you begin addiction therapy—it is not too late to be successful. You can achieve success in all areas of your life while you are overcoming your addiction. Set goals with your career, personal relationships or education in Adlerian Therapy.

Social Connections

A lot of addicts have friends—who are also addicts. You might really like your friends as people, but it might be time to broaden your horizons and make new social connections so that you will have a greater chance of staying sober. Meeting new friends can give you a great support system to fight against relapse or picking up new addictions in the future. At counseling centers, there are multiple types of services that are in group settings. This is a great place to learn to make new social connections. You can then transfer your newfound confidence out of the counseling center and into the world.


What have you done to give back to your community lately? While it is true that addicts come from all walks of life and many are doctors, lawyers and working in public service positions, there is always more that you can do to volunteer your time and give back. Contributing will not only get your mind off of staying clean, but it will also give you a purpose in life knowing that you are able to impact others in a positive way. For many addicts, this is a new experience that might become addicting in itself.

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Adlerian Therapy is a great way to rebuild your life and reach new goals while you are overcoming your addiction. South Coast Counseling is proud to offer clients with customized services to propel them towards recovery. If you would like more information, visit our Adlerian Therapy page or contact a representative with our center today.