The Power of Knowledge When in Recovery

Admitting yourself to substance abuse rehab can be a difficult decision, especially if you do not feel as if you need to be there. However, if you suffer from alcohol or drug abuse, rehabilitation is a vital part in overcoming your addiction and getting back to the person you were before. Recovery offers many types of educational courses so that your substance abuse rehab experience can be effective and advantageous.

How Knowledge Helps You Overcome Addiction

When they say “knowledge is power,” they are right. If you find yourself struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, a large portion of that might be due to the fact that you don’t understand your addiction or how to put an end to these habits. However, with an educated mind, you will be able to see addiction from different a prospective, which might allow for you to better understand the importance in living a sober life.

Types of Educational Therapy

Depending on the institution you choose to go to for substance abuse rehab, they are likely to offer a number of educational therapy courses which can help you during your recovery. If you suffer from a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis, you are likely going to take prescription medications during your recovery in order to balance the chemicals in your brain. With a Psycho Farm education class, you can learn more about these medications and what they do for you.

Addiction education can help you better understand why addiction occurs and how it is different with varying substances. By having this knowledge, you will know what addiction does to your mind and your body, which can ward you away from falling victim to substance abuse again. Additionally, this type of education can help you better explain to friends and family members what you are going through.

Along with being able to discuss your feelings and experiences with friends and family, Communication and Social Skills education can help teach you how to express your thoughts in a healthy way. Instead of hiding your past and never discussing your addiction, you can rebuild the social skills you need in order to re-assimilate back into regular life.

Using This Knowledge Outside of Substance Abuse Rehab

In rehab, you might also be involved in Nutrition and Wellness education, so that you know how to care for your body in the real world. Legal education might also be offered to you during rehab to inform you of your rights as an American citizen, even if you did fall victim to a substance abuse problem. Both forms of education can continue to help you even after rehab.

Once you have completed your time in substance abuse rehab, and you are ready to embark on your new, sober life, you will need to carry this knowledge with you. By acting out what you have learned – understanding addiction and how to share your feelings – you might have a higher chance at living a sober-successful life.

If you are interested in learning more about how the power of knowledge can help you succeed in substance abuse rehab, contact us at South Coast Counseling today for additional information.