Southern California Substance Abuse

Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Detoxification

When you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, finding the right drug and alcohol detox program is the first and best step towards recovery from addiction. South Coast Counseling has proudly offered our detox treatment programs in Orange County, CA for over 50 years and can help you achieve long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Our alcohol and drug detox program offers clients state-of-the-art treatment methods that lead to long-term success in recovery.

Drug and alcohol detoxification is the process of safely, comfortably, and systematically withdrawing from a dependent substance of drugs or alcohol. Detoxing is the most important first step in recovery, allowing the body to completly withdraw from dangerous substances in as painless as a process as possible.

Our residential detox treatment is located in Orange County California. Here, patients are given 24/7 care in our relaxing detox center, with full medical supervision from a highly credentialed treatment team. Drug and alcohol detox forms the building blocks for a sober mindset and transition you to the next phase of treatment for underlying issues associated with why the drugs or alcohol became a problem in the first place.

Many people think detoxing off of drugs or alcohol is enough for long term sobriety. And while it’s a great first step, we highly recommend longer treatment with therapy and group programs to help you fully reset your mind and habits towards positive ones.

The Benefits of Drug Detox in Orange County, CA

At South Coast Counseling, We believe that every person has unique needs. Your history of drug or alcohol use, personal health, substance, and frequency and amount of drug use will impact the detox treatment plan that is perfect for you. We pride ourselves to ensure that every new patient that comes through our doors is given a custom drug or alcohol detox program, because you are a unique individual with a unique experience. Our experienced admissions team begins every intake with a thorough evaluation of your drug and alcohol ause history, personal health, and medical and social history – allowing us to create for you a complete detox treatment program based on your specific needs, so that we can assist at every step of the process.want


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Finding The Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Center in Orange County, CA

Finding the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Orange County, CA can seem like a difficult and overwhelming thing to do! We recognize and understand just how difficult this process can be and with so many options, how do you know which drug detox center is the best choice?

with over 50 years of experience helping the Orange County, CA community, we are confident in the effectiveness in our program. You or your loved one should be treated with respect and the utmost attention during this difficult process. You can call or live chat with our team 24/7 to learn more about our drug detox program to make sure we are your best bet. We may not be the first treatment center you’ve been to, but we want to make sure that we are the last.

115 Americans Overdose Every. Single. Day.

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