Ways Psychological Testing Can Help with Addiction Recovery

There is no “one size fits all” route with addiction recovery in California. Yes, there are some common traits and experiences that come with being an addict, but each person is an individual and unique. For this reason, it is important that treatment plans are tailor made to fit the individual—not the assumptions.

This is where psychological testing comes into play. This battery of tests is performed by professional therapists who specialize in treating addiction and is designed to assess the person’s overall mental state and wellbeing. Psychological testing is essential to ensuring that a person will not bring harm to themselves and that they are able to make critical choices for their recovery. Every aspect, expression, appearance and general mood, is recorded. Once the data is analyzed, it can be used to formulate a recovery plan that perfectly fits the individual.

Naturally, some clients are skeptical of psychological testing and the benefits that it provides. Others are quite tired of being evaluated, and simply want to jump to treatment. If you or a loved one are beginning your journey with sobriety, here are a few ways that psychological testing can help you with addiction recovery.

Get the Most Effective Treatment

If all addicts were treated the exact same way at South Coast Counseling, many would walk away with their lives still on the line. This would be due to the generalized treatment which failed to pinpoint individual strengths and weaknesses in patients. Pinpointing the roots of the addiction is critical to remaining sober and in recovery long term. This allows clinicians and therapists to provide you with a treatment plan that is the most effective.

Prevent Self Harm

Many addicts engage in acts that harm their bodies or are suicidal when they arrive at counseling. It is critical for this to be known as early as possible, to prevent tragedy or a medical emergency. Psychological testing reveals many things about addicts, including if they should be monitored closely to prevent self-harm.

Create the Optimal Setting for Recovery

Since each addict is unique, they require a custom setting to successfully enter recovery. Psychological testing outlines a person’s mind in a way that reveals exactly the kind of environment and conditions that they need to walk away from their addictions. It is critical that addicts undergo this testing for this reason.

Treat Other Conditions

A large portion of those who abuse drugs and alcohol are self-medicating for underlying issues that they simply cannot handle on their own. The specialist who administers the evaluations will also be able to spot any other potential problems that would spark a craving for a controlled substance.

Start Your Journey Today

If you or someone that you know is struggling with addiction, do not wait to get help. Prolonging the issue could be a fatal mistake that no person wants to make. If you have additional questions, visit our psychological testing page or contact a representative with South Coast Counseling today.