What to Expect on Your First Day at Rehab

Going into rehab to recover from drug or alcohol abuse can be a scary proposition. Negative stereotypes surrounding the path to recovery pervade the media, and even friends and family members might color your impression of the typical rehab center in a less than flattering light. There are a lot of people who are going through alcohol and drug rehab. If you are struggling with addiction, seeking out effective, compassionate care in an inpatient alcohol or drug treatment facility is imperative. What follows are few details concerning what to expect on your first day at rehab. You will find that there is no need to be afraid of what lies behind those doors.

There are No Locks

Whether you entered of your own volition, or were ordered to sign up by the criminal justice system, you may leave at any time. Of course, you may face repercussions from various authority figures later, but you will not be locked in to the facility. The reason for this is that successful recovery relies to a great extent on your willingness to undergo treatment.

In It Together: Group Therapy

While individual counseling is a part of inpatient drug treatment, the path to recovery often involves group counseling on a frequent (even daily) basis. You may or may not be introduced to your group on your first day. However, at the very least, you can identify those who might very well end up as your group mates, because they will be fellow rehab patients working with you as directed by the experienced counselor. Together, you will discover the triggers and behaviors that led you to drink or abuse drugs in the first place, while learning and developing coping skills. Note that some facilities will use the 12-step program as the format for group therapy sessions.

Learning Curve

As time wears on, you may find yourself frustrated, maybe because of a perceived lack of progress. Please don’t give up. Any process takes time to complete. At the heart of drug and alcohol addiction treatment of all rehab programs is the push to educate patients above what addiction is and how it affects them. Expect an honest, realistic approach that emphasizes how important your attitude towards your substance abuse is. The latest techniques and strategies will be used to help you during your stay, but you should always remember that your own, personal knowledge base is your strongest weapon in overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. Any good rehab center will assist you in finding within yourself the tools to achieve a lasting recovery.

A Range of Facilities

There are thousands of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment rehab centers throughout the United States, and each one its own unique style. Doing a little bit of research before choosing the best one for you will let you know if you are entering into a gym-like facility with big, shiny machinery, or a more intimate cluster of camping tents. Where you choose to go will depend on your own preferences, what you can afford and what your insurance is prepared to cover. The Pacific Ridge drug and alcohol rehab in Portland, OR, has health and fitness facilities including a weight room and outdoor recreational areas.

Though it can be frightening to take that first step, you should know that many of the misconceptions about rehab centers stem from misrepresentations by certain people, movies, news media and other sources of information. If you are suffering due substance abuse, please don’t wait to enroll yourself in a rehab center that can help you. Whether you need inpatient alcohol treatment or inpatient drug treatment, or both, our South Coast Counseling rehab center is designed to enable our patients to fully recover and rediscover a true sense of balance and wellbeing.