Why Alcoholics and Addicts Try to Leave Rehab

Weeks or even days after going into drug and alcohol rehab, you may well find that your loved one is itching to leave the detox facility in los angeles behind but this isn’t a good idea and here’s why. There many possible reasons for this, including a sudden, stark reevaluation of one’s life brought on by the brutal clarity of sobriety. In such cases, he or she may blame the rehab center, or even you, for this fresh anguish. What you must understand is that alcohol and drug addiction treatments cannot take effect overnight. To the best of your ability, you must find a way to get this point across to your loved one as well. In an effort to help you accomplish this, here are some of the reasons why alcohol and drug abusers might try to leave rehab:

The Excuses

The potential excuses you might hear can touch on a wide array of subjects. Some patients might complain about the quality of the food, the comfort of the beds or that it feels as though everyone at the center, patients and counselors included, are just spinning their wheels and accomplishing nothing. They may lash out at the professionals providing for their care, claiming that the counselors are inefficient, unqualified, stupid, cruel or all of these at once.

Your loved one might turn to making judgment calls, blaming the characters of others for his or her current condition. Perhaps the excuse is that the 12-step program is boring or seems to be worthless, that the other patients are mean-spirited or that alcohol and drug rehab centers are only after your money. Maybe he or she will proclaim that everything was fine before the intervention, again attacking you and family and friends in general. Sometimes, a patient will look inward and distort what he or she finds there, by turns stating that he or she “wasn’t bad off” or now knows what he or she needs to do.

Your Response

There are many more reasons that could be conjured up by your loved one, who is in the grips of strong emotions on the road to recovery. Whether you believe it or not, your input is still one of the most critical fuels for the restoration of the emotional and physical wellbeing of your loved one. What you say and do in these next few days and weeks is of the utmost importance. No matter what, you must remain consistent in the responses you give.

Continuously refer to the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center as a safe place, letting your loved one know that there, and only there, is where proper drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be found. Reaffirm your undying support for him or her, but be clear that that support — not your love — is rooted in his or her pursuit of wellness. Encourage the opening of dialog between your loved one and his or her counselor. Above all, do not encourage him or her to leave rehab. Your loved one needs to get well, and you need to see the life- and love-affirming fruits that proper alcohol and drug addiction treatments can grow.

At South Coast Counseling, our alcohol and drug rehab is fully staffed with compassionate counselors who want nothing more than to help your loved one achieve a lasting recovery in the safest environment possible. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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